Moving house can be a stressful and time-consuming process, especially when you have to figure out what to do with all your possessions you’ve aquired over many years. But instead of throwing away or selling everything, consider donating some of your belongings to those in need. Not only will you be helping others, but you’ll also lighten your load and make your move smoother. Here are the top 10 items to donate before moving house. Easier than waiting until afterwards!
Clothing – Donate any clothes you haven’t worn in a while or that no longer fit you. Clothing is one of the most in-demand items at many charity organizations.

Kitchenware – If you have any unused or duplicate kitchen appliances, dishes, or utensils, consider donating them to a local food bank or homeless shelter. They will be grateful for anything that can help them prepare and serve meals.

Furniture – If you have furniture that you no longer need or want, consider donating it to a local charity or thrift store. Many organizations will even pick up your furniture for free.

Books – If you have books you no longer want or need, consider donating them to your local library, school, or community center.

Electronics – Old phones, laptops, and other electronics can be donated to organizations that refurbish them for those in need. Many organizations even offer free shipping labels for easy donation.

Toys – If you have children’s toys that are in good condition, consider donating them to a children’s hospital, daycare center, or toy drive.

Bedding and Linens – Sheets, blankets, and towels are always in demand at shelters and crisis centers. Consider donating any extra bedding and linens you have to a local organization that helps people in need.

Sporting Equipment – If you have any sports equipment that is still in good condition, consider donating it to a local youth sports league or community center.

Pet Supplies – Animal shelters and rescue organizations are always in need of pet supplies such as food, bedding, and toys. Consider donating any extra pet supplies you have to a local shelter or rescue organization.

Art Supplies – If you have any art supplies that you no longer need, consider donating them to a school or community center. Many organizations provide art classes and workshops for children and adults.

Donating these items can make a big difference in someone’s life, and it can also make your move easier by lightening your load. Take the time to sort through your belongings before moving and consider donating what you no longer need or want. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.