Local Removals Terms & Conditions

All our vans have “Goods In Transit” insurance.

All our vans are equipped with trolleys, blankets, straps, bungee cords, tracking, sat-nav, etc.

When you order one man it means that the driver will assist you with loading and unloading. Please consider ordering 2 OR 3 men if there are any items too heavy or too bulky for one man to carry or more than 2nd floor with no lift. Please note that when ordering one helper where there are large and heavy items and the customer wants to help in carrying these items, our staff has the right to refuse to carry these items with the customer – for the safety of the client and our staff. Sometime when you ordered one man, we may send 2 men. However, one man will work for you as you ordered unless you want to order an additional helper.

The booking price includes one full load of requested van size (from point A to B or A – B – C – D – E…), if more than one load of the full van is required, then for each additional load we charge an additional fee (equivalent to one hour on top of the price) plus distance and time if the move takes longer.
We do not recommend participation and assistance during the move. If you, your family or friends are involved in moving house, we’ll not take any responsibility for any damage caused during the move.

Please make sure to select the appropriate van size for all items you are moving. Sometime we may send you a larger van but allowed loading space is for the van size you ordered unless you want to upgrade the van size.

If the order exceeds the ordered time, we charge in 30-minute blocks, however, regardless of whether we can stay longer, it depends of the time of next booking with another customers. Therefore, please use the most accurate estimate of loading and unloading time and do not underestimate the time needed for moving.

If you need any help with protecting furniture for the transit or any help with dismantling furniture we will help of course at no extra cost, it will be still the same hourly rates, but please remember to extend loading or/and unloading time when you need extra services.

If you need packaging materials you can easily order them online or Alternatively, you can request Packaging Materials to be delivered on your moving day and we will assign your order to be delivered on a moving day.

If there is no lift/elevator in operating, we charge 10 pounds for each floor carrying the goods. All charges are included in your quotation based on selected details.

Please note that we provide our service up to the fourth floor if there is no lift in operating.

Please do not overload boxes and make the weight not heavier than 15-20 KG.

We are doing our best to be always on time, but please allow up to a 1-2 hour window for arrivals in case of any traffic on the road.

Fuel charges for the provided route are included in price.

Parking Charges, Penalty Tickets, Toll Roads Charges, Ferries charges are not included in the cost.

Please note that customer responsibility is to arrange parking space for the van. If there are parking restrictions on the area, please arrange parking suspension for the van. If parking suspension hasn’t been arranged for our van, then the driver may request a deposit of £65 for the penalty ticket. If we get a penalty ticket, we will send you to prove on your email if we don’t get parking fine within 6-weeks then we will refund the deposit you paid for parking fine.

If you need to travel in the van, please select that option on the booking form. ( Passenger can only travel in the van if there is a space).

However, we cannot guarantee that there will always be room for passengers, as we are not a company transporting customers but customer’s belongings.

By pressing the button BOOK NOW you accept our Terms & Conditions and all confirmed orders are subject to the terms and conditions.

Please make sure to pay full or 20% deposit payment, so we can confirm your booking. If you paid a 20% deposit, then the remaining balance needs to be paid before unloading the van. Remember to settle the payment before unloading the van, as any delays with the payments will delay start unloading, which can increase the total service time for which you pay. We charge from the time we start the job till the job is finished.

If you need to cancel your booking, make sure to inform us in writing ( Email or TEXT ) at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise a cancellation fee will apply (cancellation fee = 20% of total charge). Please DO NOT leave information about canceling your order on our voicemail, as this form of cancellation will not be accepted.

Our Goods in Transit insurance cover up to £25,000 Insurance applies only if you provide “INVENTORY LIST” – list of all items you are moving including value.

This is the responsibility of the customer to ensure extra insurance is arranged if required.

If you don’t require packing service please make sure to protect all items to avoid any damage as our insurer will not cover any damage during the transit for unprotected items.

Our insurer will not cover any losses if your property was unsecured and prepared for transport, and the client’s wish was not to secure things in order to save on time and moving cost.

If you notice any damage, please report to our office before our team leave, so they can make an evidence of damage for insurance purposes. Please note that if our team leaves the side and no damage has been reported we will not take any responsibilities for damages.

Please note that this is customer responsibility to check with our team that the van is empty and all your belongings been unloaded before our team leaves. If we notice things that were not unloaded, it will be the customer’s responsibility to collect them on their own.

To make sure your order has been accepted or to check the status of the order please contact us on 07533971241

Please note that we do not charge for the mileage (if the distance does not exceed 10 miles,if the distance exceeds 10 miles we charge for the full distance £ 1.5 per mile), routes taken will be those as advised by our Sat-Nav unless you request a particular route.

Congestion Charge Zone in central London applies Monday to Friday from 7am to 6pm ( £15.00 ).

Ultra Low Emission Zone in central London ( ULEZ – Ultra Low Emission Zone is the same area as Congestion Charge and applies 7 days a week and 24 hours per day ( £12.50 ).

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Great service – really makes moving much easier 🙂 I have already used Local Removals twice and can only recommend!


It was very easy to book and the price quoted was very reasonable. The team are very knowledgeable and helpful. Thank you.


Highly Recommend this Office Moving Company. Great, professional office removal service.


What a great team. Made moving day less stressful. They know their stuff. Really glad I went with them and would highly recommend anyone wanting a removal service.

M. Patel

Friendly and professional company. They helped us with a large move and everything went perfectly. Thank you to the Local Removals team, much appreciated.

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Fantastic experience. Friendly, Experienced, flexible and great communication. Thank you very much for all your help and making it effortless and stress free. Really appreciate all your hard work.

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Leo and his partner helped us move on short notice from one side of london to the other. Both very efficient, friendly and secured all our products safely. Loaded and unloaded without damaging the walls which was nice. Would definitely recommend.

K. Mcdon

An absolutely wonderful experience from Local-Removals, extremely professional, from start to finish, would highly recommend them to any one who is moving they wrapped my furniture up impeccably great guys

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